Our Ministries


 Class Leaders

 Sister Sharon Lawrence  


Lay Organization 

Brother Peter Dubose


Women's Missionary Society 

Sister Aleta Lenyard     


Food Pantry 

Sister Cheryl McClatchey

   Sister Retha Newson    

Greeters Ministry

Sister Gail Pace 

Media Ministry

 Brother Robert Pace 

Brother Romond Pace

Brother Tracy Ingram


Sons of Allen

Brother  Romond Pace

Prayer Warriors Ministry 

Reverend  Etta Garth   


Liturgical Dance Ministry

   Sister Jaleesa Perkins      

Welcoming Arms Ministry 

Sister. Reba Harden 

Sister Gail Pace

Culinary Committee 

Sister Janet Zackery 

Sister Fannie Hewlett

Women’s Ministry 

Reverend Beryl Basden


 Sister Tracy Fears    


Christian Education 

Reverend  Donna Perkins 


Health And Wellness 

Sister Sharon Lawrence

Music Ministry

Sister Willeata Kindrick


Dr. Gia Haslerig

Couples Ministry

Sister Lakeisha Gordon-Clark

Brother Claudie Clark

Singles Ministry

Sister Tanasia Perkins


Sister Rhonda Jones

Brother Aaron Anderson